Special Night Hiroshima Event (Banquet)

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The organizing committee is delighted to announce the special event for November 6th, 2015: 'Wish we could say more about Hiroshima'. The banquet will be held at RIHGA Royal Hotel Hiroshima.


  1. Please note that, banquet fee is not included in the IWCIA2015 registration fee.
  2. Person who wants to participate to the banquet is required to register and pay banquet fee (¥6,000JPY) according to the following instruction.
  3. Banquet seats can not be available on-site. Bookings need be completed before workshop (Booking deadline: 31 October 2015).

Banquet Information:

The Western Style Banquet will be held at RIHGA Royal Hotel Hiroshima (18:00 – 20:00). The hotel is located near “Hiroshima Bus Center”. Please visit the hotel web site: http://www.rihga.com/hiroshima.

In the Banquet, followings are planned:

  • Message from General Chair: Prof. A.Hara (IEEE SMC Hiroshima Chapter Chair)
  • Award ceremony for winners of IEEE SMC Hiroshima Chapter Young Researchers Workshop 2015
  • • Closing talks: Program co-chairs Prof. T.Hayashida and T.Hasuike

Shuttle bus service

Shuttle bus service to Banquet will be scheduled as follows:

Tentative Schedule

  • 17:30: From Hiroshima City University to RIHGA Royal Hotel Hiroshima. Note: Participants who do not attend the banquet also can use the suttle bus.

Banquet Registration

Banquet Registration consists of 2 following stages:

Please note that a submission of participant information in Step1 which is not followed by the payment in Step2 will be regarded as an invalid registration.
If you cancel your participation in the banquet, the banquet fee once paid will not be refunded.

Step1: Please fill in the following Registration form

Step2: Please pay by credit card

Name of Participant
IEEE Member No. if member