Access to Hiroshima City

There are many ways to go to Hiroshima City. For more information, please visit the following web site:

Access to conference venue from Hiroshima City

- To Hiroshima Port

There is no bridge between Etajima and Hiroshima City. Participants to IWCIA 2016 should be going by ship. The ship (Jet Ferry) departs at Hiroshima Port(Ujina). When you use a street car, the access to Hiroshima port is convenient. The fare of street car in flat-rate area is 160 Yen. For transportation in Hiroshima City, please visit the following web site:
For more information of street car, please visit the following web site:

- To Etajima-Koyo Port

The ship for Koyo ( Etajima-Koyo ) will depart at the 6th track. Many ships for various ports of Etajima depart at the same track. The fare to Etajima-Koyo is 1,060Yen. The trip to Etajima-Koyo takes about 22 minutes. Etajima community center from Koyo port takes about 5 minutes walk.

For the other information, please visit Japanese website: